Northwest Business Environment Awards 2010

Judging Criteria

Environmental Innovation Award

Judges are looking for examples of successful research into and exploitation of environmental technologies (or products), processes or techniques. They will also look for:
  • - The development of innovative technology, processes or techniques or the adaptation of existing technologies, processes or techniques.
  • - Excellence in the approach to development of new environmental technologies, processes or techniques – through effective collaboration, knowledge transfer and partnership.
  • - The use of new technologies, processes or techniques or novel uses of existing technology, processes or techniques – i.e. successful technology commercialisation, innovating to translate excellence in science into commercially successful ideas.

Built Environment Award

The judges are looking for projects which demonstrate innovation and a serious commitment to environmental excellence, in each of the two Built Environment categories. They will be looking for:

  • - Descriptions of the innovations and the context in which they have been used.
  • - Evidence of building refurbishment that maximises resource efficiency in design and construction and minimises environmental impact, or;
  • - Evidence of newbuild that exemplifies environmental excellence in design, construction and use.

Combating Climate Change Award

The judges are looking for businesses which have gone the extra mile to incorporate climate change into their decision making process. This could include mitigating their impact directly through their supply chains, through new products or services, or through adaptations to current or future climate change risks. Particular attention will be paid to evidence of:

  • - Improving environmental practice, procurement, responsibility and/or leadership, which has an impact that reaches beyond the business itself.
  • - Employee engagement through clear effective communication.
  • - The implementation of environmental technologies and processes to improve resource and energy efficiency.
  • - The impact the measures have had on the wider environment.